About Us

All that we do at Lekker is consciously designed around making you feel your best self. We understand how the daily grind affects your body, how stress affects your skin and the effects of not feeling yourself; when you really need to be at your best.

You are you. Beautiful. Gregarious. Generous. Confident. Smart. But we all need a little help.

You need different things to other people because you are unique. Your life is different and you face different challenges. In a generic world, Lekker offers a personalised & individual approach to beauty. Maintenance. Pampering. Nourished. Relaxation.

With an ethos underpinned by care and love, we want to help you discover your natural style that compliments your unique features. We truly believe in the importance of enhancing and sustaining individual natural beauty. Accordingly, our product ranges are all wholly natural sans SLS, synthetics and parabens.